• Oil Price Gains Stall Due To Trade Relations Being Stressful

    The oil prices have managed to hold onto their gains from the previous few weeks however the rally which was recently witnessed looks to have stalled as the demand does not show signs of coming back to normal soon. Further adding to the stress is the tensions between United States and China.

    The Phase 1 trade deals looks like it is going to fall apart. Donald Trump is expected to make a huge announcement on this Friday with respect to China and with the tensions escalating as well as the moves of China in Hong Kong, the actions will in all likelihood be punitive. China had pledged previously to purchase $52 billion of oil in a period of two years, the total which was going to be a hard task to meet.

    Further adding to tensions is the number of the oil executives which are being paid in the United States despite them not posting returns which are not too impressive. The problem in part is the practice of them basing the compensation off the performance of the company in comparison to their peers. In the meantime, the major oil companies have been continuously taking on debt for paying the dividends. There are two different reports which have been surfacing with regard to the actions of OPEC+. One of the report claims that Russia is going to push for the loosening of the cuts while Saudi Arabia looks like it is ready to extend however in Moscow, a few of the oil companies from Russia might find the extension to be difficult.

    Further, the refining capacity which had been built in the last few years has been squeezing the margins and the oil market downturn may push the facilities which are not competitive offline.


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  • OnePlus To Cancel Their Partnership With McLaren

    McLaren which is a car manufacturers from Britain has come up with a confirmation that their partnership with OnePlus is going to reach the scheduled conclusion in what is expected to mean the end for OnePlus; McLaren-branded handsets. From the beginning of this partnership in the year 2018, OnePlus is supportive and a valued partner as per McLaren in a statement. They added that they wished the best for OnePlus in future.

    The partnership with McLaren with OnePlus has also resulted in release of many handsets which are offered frequently with the unique designs and the higher specs as well as price tags in comparison to the other handset lineup. The edition of last year for McLaren of the 7T pro from OnePlus had for instance come with a different color scheme and a 12GB ram instead of an 8 GB RAM. In the year before, OnePlus had announced the McLaren Branded 6T version.

    The partnership has also inspired the elements of Concept One smartphone which has been showed off by OnePlus at the CES in the year. This also includes the stitched leather on the back of this device. OnePlus has said that disappearing camera tech had been inspired by the roof electrochromic roof on the 720S from McLaren.

    The rumors about the end of this partnership had surfaced in the last week post the logo of OnePlus disappearing from the list of partners of McLaren.

    The partnership ending means that the followers should not expect a McLaren Edition of the OnePlus 8T in the year. Having said that it is possible as per the experts to come up with the special edition of handset.